Essays And Effusions


° The Leaves Are Showering Down
° On Minutiae And The Art Of Revision
° The Way Of Jesus of Nazareth: A Question Of Hermeneutics?
° Bright Berries, One Winter
° Perhaps Words Are The Problem
° A Non-Terrestrial View
° Musings On Suffering, Human Nature, And The Culture of Pathei-Mathos
° Blue Reflected Starlight
° A Slowful Learning, Perhaps
° Toward Humility – A Brief Personal View
° A Catholic Still, In Spirit?
° Some Personal Perceiverations
° Twenty Years Ago, Today
° Some Questions For DWM, 2017
° Cantio Arcana
° A Note On Greek Terms In The Philosophy Of Pathei-Mathos
° On Translating Ancient Greek
° Concerning ἀγαθός and νοῦς in the Corpus Hermeticum
° Cicero On Summum Bonum

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