Corpus Hermeticum I

My complete translation of, and commentary on, the Pœmandres/Pymander tractate is available in pdf format here: Pymander – Corpus Hermeticum (pdf)

The work is also available as a printed book: ISBN: 978-14954706849.

N.B. This has now been superseded by the compilation Corpus Hermeticum: Eight Tractates which contains translations of and commentaries on tractates I, III, IV, VI, VIII, XI, XII, XIII.

Gratis Open Access:

Printed book: ISBN-13: 978-1976452369. 190 pages. 2017

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First page of the Greek text of the editio princeps of Ερμού του Τρισμεγίστου Ποιμάνδρης
[Apud Adr. Turnebum typographum Regium. MDLIIII Parisiis]

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