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Understanding and Rejecting Extremism
A Very Strange Peregrination


Part One: Towards Understanding Extremism – Notes From Personal Experience.
Part Two: A Learning From Grief.
Part Three: A Rejection of Extremism Perhaps Explained.

Available [as of 2013] as a printed book (58 pages), and as a free download in pdf format.

Understanding and Rejecting Extremism

Printed edition: ISBN 978-1484854266



° Footnotes [4] and [5] in Part One: Towards Understanding Extremism are in the wrong order. [4] should refer to the essay Blue Reflected Starlight. 2013, and [5] to “I use the term φύσις (physis) here…”



The Mystic Philosophy of David Myatt

Extremism And Reformation
(pdf, Third Edition)

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