gold funerary tablet (c. 200 BCE) found at Eleutherna, Crete

This work collects together my translations of and commentaries on the four tractates of the Corpus Hermeticum which were published separately between 2013 and 2017.


Corpus Hermeticum I, III, IV, XI



Tractate I. Ποιμάνδρης. Poemandres.
Tractate III. Ιερός Λόγος. An Esoteric Mythos.
Tractate IV. Ἑρμοῦ πρὸς Τάτ ὁ κρατῆρ ἡ μονάς. Chaldron Or Monas.
Tractate XI. Νοῦς πρὸς Ἑρμῆν. From Perceiverance To Hermes.