Cantio Arcana – Part One



Nota Bene: The now completed translation and commentary (parts one and two) is available here:


A translation of and a commentary on the first part of the ancient Esoteric Song from section 17 of tractate XIII of the Corpus Hermeticum, entitled as that tractate is:

Ερμού του τρισμεγίστου προς τον υιόν Τάτ
εν όρει λόγος απόκρυφος περί παλιγγενεσίας και σιγής επαγγελίας

On A Mountain:
Hermes Trismegistus To His Son Thoth,
An Esoteric Discourse Concerning Palingenesis
And The Requirement of Silence

Given the content, the song is pagan and without any Christian influence, although it has been described by some scholars as ‘gnostic’ in nature.

Cantio Arcana, Part One

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The beginning of Cantio Arcana from the book Mercvrii Trismegisti Pœmandres, published in Paris in 1554.