Chaldron Or Monas


Page of the Greek text of κρατῆρ ἡ μονάς, published in 1554

Ἑρμοῦ πρὸς Τάτ ὁ κρατῆρ ἡ μονάς

The link below is to a pdf file of my now completed translation of and commentary on the fourth tractate of the Corpus Hermeticum.

Corpus Hermeticum IV



Corpus Hermeticum I: Poemandres

Corpus Hermeticum IΙI: Ιερός Λόγος

Corpus Hermeticum XI: Νοῦς πρὸς Ἑρμῆν

On Translating Ancient Greek

Image credit: First page of the Greek text of κρατῆρ ἡ μονάς from the book Mercvrii Trismegisti Pœmandres, published in Paris in 1554.