Some Meditations on Extremism


NASA Blue Marble Earth Mosaic


The effusions in this compilation were the result of several years of interior reflexion – of meditation – upon my extremist past and my decades of selfishness; a reflexion which, from 2006 to 2012, led me to develope and then refine my ‘numinous way’ into the philosophy of pathei-mathos. Consequently, these effusions deal, in a quite personal way, with matters such as remorse, extremism, expiation, sorrow, and the reformation of individuals.

As I wrote in the essay So Much Remorse, included in the compilation,

” So much remorse, grief, and sorrow, within me for the unwise suffering-causing deeds of my past. Yet all I have in recompense for decades of strife, violence, selfishness, hate, are tears, the cries, alone – and words, lifeless words, such as this; words, to – perhaps, hopefully – forewarn forswear so that others, some few, hearing, reading, may possibly avoid, learn from, the errors that marked, made, and were, my hubris.”

David Myatt
March 2012
Second Edition, 2016

Some Meditations on Extremism

Image credit: NASA, Blue Marble Earth Mosaic