One Moment, Moving


One Moment, Moving

A slight breeze
To curl the waves, a little,
Where this now calmer Sea
Below blue
And some annoying flies
Bite the hand that writes.

For it is warm
For end-September
Keeping Summer the way I keep
My loves, remembering:
Stretched and taut with such a slender filament
Connecting them to Life
As the fragile body hazing my horizon
Now so slendly hangs between dark Space
And the blue-green-brown
Of Earth.

I am only this, here –
One moment merging to another
For empathy overcomes:
No cold Thought to spoil by abstractions
The way the factory bolt despoils the lamb.
So much wasted so often
I have no measure to measure-out
The blame
For I am falling, fallen
Having failed myself so often:
No stories, text, to capture such a loss
Of both empathy and love.

For I am only this, here – Oystercatchers catching
Where sea greets sand
And the waning Moon still glows, a little,
As on that night

When the distant lighthouse pulsed in darkness
And the sea sounds under stars sent their calls
Down deep down into greeny-blackness
As if some unknown entity of the deeps
Was here, there,
Listening, waiting, lurking
Unprofaned still by the hubris
We mis-name Discovery.

For it is not right to give names
To some things

Now, I am this, here – where only stiffness
Numbness thirst hunger age
Remind one moment
To move


David Myatt
2010 CE

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